Discover the untamed purity of our Wild-Crafted Sea Moss Gel, sourced exclusively from the pristine waters of St. Lucia. In harmony with the natural environment, our sea moss is sustainably harvested to bring you a product that not only adheres to the highest quality standards but also respects the delicate ecosystems of the Caribbean Sea.

What is Sea Moss?
Sea Moss and its benefits have been known for decades in Ireland and the Caribbean. They recognised the plant for its nutritional and medicinal benefits.
Sea Moss aids your body through its many benefits and promotes your body to functionally work better. Sea Moss delivers a staggering 92 of the body’s 102 essential minerals including iodine, calcium, zinc, and potassium. It’s also rich in selenium, phosphorus, manganese, and B-complex vitamins making it a complete multivitamin for your body.

We’ve got multiple combinations for our seamoss gel, however you can also contact us for your own custom or personalized mixed, what ever you want, we will provide