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Historically, cranberry fruits and leaves were used to support a healthy prostate, beneficial intestinal flora, blood sugar levels, liver, and kidney function.

More recently, cranberry has been used as a traditional folk remedy to support a healthy urinary tract. Cranberry has also been linked to supporting a healthy viral and bacterial response. Additionally, cranberry has been shown to support healthy gums and teeth by possibly inhibiting matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) production and activity.

Traditionally used by Native Americans for foods, fabric dyes, and medicine; cranberry became a popular crop harvested by early settlers when they discovered its unique uses.

Modern studies have shown cranberries may be an effective alternative to antibiotics for those who have built up a resistance. A study conducted on antibiotic-resistant patients in 2014, showed cranberries may have supported significant improvements and symptom relief without recurrence for more than a year.

Experience the awesome taste and health benefits of Cranberry with our Freeze-dried Organic Cranberry Powder. 

Our Cranberry powder is freeze-dried using the healthiest methods and is then stored under appropriate conditions, thereby preserving all its nutrients and making it both effective and beautifully tasteful. 


100g, 450g


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