Cornflower Petals


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Cornflowers were once a common sight throughout farmed fields and along roadsides. Nowadays, the showy flowers are mostly seen in gardens as a popular cultivated plant. It has many common names and is often called bachelor’s button, bluebottle, blue bow, and blue cap. The use of cornflowers dates back to ancient Egypt. For millennia, the bright blue flower heads have shown themselves peeking out amongst fields of cultivated cereal grains such as corn, wheat, barley, and oats. The plant’s tough stems made it difficult to cut down with the farmer’s sickle, earning it yet another name, hurt sickle.

For thousands of years, cornflower petals have been used in long-standing wellness practices. In traditional European folk herbalism, the flowers were employed in a similar way to blessed thistle. Cornflowers were also utilized as a tonic herb and were often blended into herbal teas for both their beauty and their healthful qualities. The evocative purplish-blue petals are also popular additions to potpourri mixes, adding a pop of color and a subtle, sweet scent. Although blue cornflower is most often infused, it can also be incorporated into baked goods and cosmetic recipes or prepared as a watercolor dye.


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