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Comfrey is distinguished by large, hairy leaves, a curled inflorescence with white to purple bell-shaped flowers, and black roots. Symphytum officinale has been used for thousands of years in traditional Western herbalism for its valuable, healthful properties. Our comfrey root powder is ground from organically cultivated roots.

Although comfrey has been used for a wider range of maladies throughout history, modern research that has been done thus far supports the potential use of topical comfrey preparations for treating fractures and contusions. Comfrey is considered effective for healing broken bones and bruises.

It may also help lower inflammation. Comfrey helps relieve the pain and swelling of contusions and sprains. It has also been shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Comfrey’s primary active compound is allantoin which is a very potent cell-growth stimulator and after being applied triggers near-immediate cell proliferation. It increases the water content of the body’s organ tissues and stimulates the peeling of the upper layers of dead cells. Comfrey’s high levels of rosmarinic acid are responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties and help reduce swelling, accelerating the healing process of bruises and contusions.


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