Celandine Herb


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Celandine belongs to the family of herbs called poppies (Papaveraceae). Although native to Europe and western Asia, this perennial herb grows worldwide.

Greater celandine has tender leaves and blooms tiny yellow flowers. When injured, the stem releases a distinct yellow-orange sap known as “devil’s milk.”

Medicinal use of greater celandine also dates back to Ancient Greece, where the physician and botanist Dioscorides first described its detox potential. Traditional remedies with greater celandine have a rich history.

In the western world, folks have been using greater celandine to treat lung and liver diseases, stimulate digestion and bile secretion, fight infections and support immunity, remove warts and skin ulcers.

Chinese herbalists use greater celandine to boost circulation, combat cramps and menstrual pain, treat jaundice, and much more. Russians call it “chistotel bolshoi,” which translates to “strong cleansing” 


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