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Cedar is a powerful antimicrobial. Reflect on where it lives – cool wet forests where fungi and molds thrive. When you scratch cedar leaves or cut the wood, strong essential oils are released. These oils are cedar’s medicine to repel insects, molds, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Our ancestors discovered this long ago and used cedar’s medicine topically and internally to ward off external forces.

Cedar leaf is a useful antifungal for skin and nail fungus. The tincture, infused oil, or salve can be used topically and should be applied 2-3 times a day until a week after the fungus disappears. Fungal infections are pernicious and need to be treated aggressively. You can also soak your feet in cedar tea by steeping a cup of dried cedar leaves in about 10 cups of hot water. Let the tea steep until it is warm and then place it in a bowl or basin large enough for your feet. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes – a nice activity when you are reading or watching television.


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