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Our organic cassia cinnamon chips are a popular and widely used spice that has been traded throughout the world for thousands of years. Cinnamomum burmanni features a warming scent with a spicy and delicious flavor. This spice is often decocted, made into cinnamon bark tea, or used as an ingredient in culinary blends.

Cinnamon was utilized extensively thousands of years ago and is still popular today. Enjoyed since ancient times, cinnamon was mentioned in ancient Egyptian texts, the Bible, and was widely traded thousands of years ago in Europe and in Asia by Arab spice traders. Its scent is uniquely warming, uplifting, and stimulating, and its flavor sweet and delicious, hence the flavor and aroma have been utilized in countless confectioneries, baked goods, perfumes, cosmetics, beverages, and cordials.

Cinnamomum aromaticum is native to China, growing wild in the southern mountains, whereas C. burmannii is native to Indonesia. C. burmannii has smooth branches, aromatic bark and leaves, and glossy, green alternate leaves.

Once considered more precious than gold, cinnamon is still one of the most popular spices in the world, touting both great culinary value and healing benefits.

Offering more than just flavor, cinnamon also provides significant nutritional value. Cinnamon is said to help enhance digestive function as well as eliminate harmful bacterial growth in the digestive tract.

Research shows that cinnamon may help lower blood sugar levels and its strong, sharp scent may help clear the sinuses. Research shows that compounds in cinnamon oil may help protect the skin against mosquito bites.

Cinnamon has also been traditionally used as a tooth powder for relieving toothaches, oral microbiota, and bad breath, as well as for treating bacterial infections.


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