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Betula pendula is a soft-wooded tree native to the northern hemisphere. Birch has a white, papery bark and the leaves are simple, alternate, and wedge-shaped with a pleasant aroma. Birch leaf has a history of use for its healthful qualities in traditional herbal practices. The leaves can be brewed as tea, infused in oil, and utilized in extract making.

The birch is a soft-wooded tree native to northerly climates. The leaves are wedged-shaped and have a pleasant odor but a bitter taste. Birch trees have a strong connection with the celebration of Beltane. This may be due to the fact that birch trees are among the first to come into leaf, and therefore would have made an obvious choice as a representation of spring. Samuel Coleridge called them the “Lady of the woods”, but this may have been an existing folk term of the time.

A member of the Betulaceae family, Betula pendula is also referred to as European white birch, silver birch, and weeping birch.


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