Allspice (Whole)


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Whole allspice is the dried fruit of the Pimenta dioica plant. Allspice is a very important ingredient in Caribbean and Middle Eastern cuisine. A common ingredient found in sausage preparations and curry powders. Allspice adds a wonderful flavor to meats, stews, and even barbecue sauces.

Allspice is one of the best in Jamaican cuisine. Among other traditional uses, it’s often used in Jamaican jerk seasoning, pickling, sausage preparation, and curries. It’s also a staple in many, where it is used to flavor a variety of stews and meat dishes.

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Christopher Columbus, who “discovered” the berry in Jamaica on his second voyage to the New World, is responsible for bringing the spice to Western Europe. After he incorrectly guessed that it was a pepper, Columbus brought it home to Spain where it was named “pimienta” (Spanish for pepper) by Diego Álvarez Chanca. 

In the United States and Europe, allspice is typically associated with desserts like cookies, pies, and cakes. 



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