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Are you a man in his 30s to 60s?

Do you consume alcohol at least four times every week?

And you’re concerned about the effects of alcohol on your health…

…yet you’re having trouble quitting the habit?


These Indian fresh mint tea seeds can eliminate every harmful pollutant in your body and mend your liver cells without requiring you to change your lifestyle.

Introducing Naveen's Alcohol Detox Tea- Your Lifeline to Healthier Drinking Habits

Did you know that excessive alcohol use might cause your liver to swell? According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, this implies you'll get exhausted easily, have swollen legs, and begin rolling on the bed with extreme abdomen pain...as if someone is stabbing your tummy with a knife all the time. This will prevent you from playing hide and seek with your children after work, carrying them on your shoulders, and putting a grin on their faces during family bonding times.

Not only that, but you'll be scratching your body constantly, unable to eat properly, and gradually lose your attractive youthful glow. Plus, your productivity at work will suffer, resulting in tons of complaints from your bosses and tons of deadlines to meet until you're too exhausted to hang out with your group on the weekends.

According to drinkaware.co.uk, if you consume four glasses of alcohol, you have a 90% probability of experiencing the symptoms listed above. What's more, guess what? Drinking more than two drinks every day increases your risk of having high blood pressure. Not to mention the treatment for alcohol-related disorders, which cost at least 1.5 million naira apiece.

In severe cases of liver failure, if you do not travel abroad for treatment (which is more expensive in Tinubu's economy), you risk becoming one of the 3 million people who die each year as a result of alcohol, according to Premium Times.

This means you won't be able to provide for your family and will be in debt for millions of dollars (due to your high hospital costs). And if you die, you'll miss out on all of your children's key occasions, from graduation to matriculation, weddings, and even the chance to see your grandkids.

Not only that, but you'll subject your children and bereaved wife to the wrath of your stepfather and evil in-laws...all because you want to have fun.

But it doesn't have to get that far. You can still enjoy those priceless times with your children, maintain your young glow and agile figure, and be the ideal spouse and employee all in one.

In truth, you are not required to stop drinking. We understand how difficult it is to give up your joys. That's why we designed The Alcohol Detox Tea, a natural, minty fresh detoxifier that will cleanse your system of every damaging toxin of alcohol...and even substantially lower your chances of getting a potbelly.

Who's This Product For?

Our Alcohol Detox Tea was designed just for you or your partner who drinks at least four times each week.

Our Heart-felt Mission and Personal Story

Why We're Passionate About Improving Lives with Naveen's Alcohol Detox Tea

Our Alcohol Detox Tea was inspired by one of our late uncles who suffered from chronic liver cancer.

Spending days and months at the hospital, not to mention the expensive medical expenses, drugs, and even basic necessities, was difficult because we spent so much money there. For us, it was a heartbreaking moment. I couldn’t help but wonder how his wife and children felt. It was horrible to watch her husband paralyzed in the hospital bed.

Her expression indicated that she was worried about how she and her children would survive. My siblings and I understood deep down that in that moment of pain. She wished she had the power to turn back the hands of time and that all she was experiencing was a dream. And then there was the time when we lost him. The discomfort was more intense. To say she was shattered would be an understatement.

So my siblings and I decided to perform a thorough study on natural remedies for liver cancer and other alcohol-related side effects so that other families would not have to go through what we did.

Our Alcohol Detox Tea has been used by over 100 drinkers

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Limited Stock Alert

Our Alcohol Detox Tea has been rigorously produced with the best natural procedure to cleanse your body of the dangerous chemicals that cause liver and lung cancer, just as we promised.

And, with our bold promise and firm guarantee, we wish to provide every family the best shot at good health conceivable, but there are only 35 packs left at this price—13,000.

Because we only have 35 packs left in stock, this implies that only 35 families will benefit from our offering. And the expense of obtaining and transporting the freshest natural herbs has soared (particularly in Tinubu's economy).

Not to mention the wages of some of the top natural herb professionals we've engaged to provide you with the health you deserve. So, if we intend to reintroduce the product to the market, the prices will have risen (but never to the cost of a liver treatment—1.5 million or a quarter of that). As a result, now is the best opportunity to acquire your teas at the lowest price yet.

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